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Next Level Media

Digital content built around you

Content that drives results

We are a Durham Region based video production and content studio. Our team creates digital content that helps businesses and brands grow through digital marketing. 
We work with your business to develop marketing and content strategies that grows your brand. Our high quality photo and video content is developed by social media experts that deliver content to engage your community and build brand awareness. We deliver content that drives action.

We are Next Level Media

Why Video?

Digital content and social media has changed the way people connect and advertise. High quality photos and videos should be essential to any businesses marketing, brand.



Builds brand
Engages your audience
Solutions for everyone
Drives action

Check out our demo reel to see some of our work.

Demo Reel

Take a look at some of our work

What We Do Best

We are masters of content creation

Video Production

Video content is shareable and in demand. We have mastered the art of creating clean and innovative videos that will help increase brand awareness and engagement.






Product Videos

Branded Content

Social Media Ads



A photo can last a lifetime, but good photography can live forever. Next Level Media can capture your brand, event, or service with timeless photography.


Corporate Photos


Product Photos

Bowmanville Oshawa Whitby Photgraphers Photography

Not sure where to start?

We can help!

We work to make your vision come to life!

We listen and learn.

We help you.

We put care into the process.

We make your business easier.

behind the Scenes

 Check out these photos from some of our video productions.

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